Woman lying on her side, blindfolded, her wrists bound in red rope, her arms folded upward.




Riding solo at a wedding, she weaves lewd fantasies in her mind about the guests. Until she spots the one who might just be able to give her everything she wants…


“I am bound. A piece of art made from red rope and human flesh

He is happy with his work. Happy with me.” (Read more at Bellesa)



Shadowy picture of a man and a woman in the back seat of a car




This isn’t the first time she’s driven them, but tonight, the ride home is only the beginning…


So wet. Tell me kitten, is this for me or for her?

His question was a shot of pure aphrodisiac, straight to my vein. I glanced over my shoulder. To change lanes, I told myself, not out of the need to know her answer.” (Read more at Bellesa)