Available in the erotic romance anthology, kINKED


Including Renee’s story, “Through Glass A Stranger

GOODREADS reviewers call it, “a sexy read,” “steamy” and “OMG, hot!”


“Breaks the mould by focusing on a voyeur/exhibitionist pairing where both people involved have self-knowledge of their desires and control over the situation. Beautiful writing…”

~Goodreads reviewer, Alex

A taste of what’s inside…

She lost sight of him as he made his way through the condo, flashing in and out of view behind walls and posts. She picked him up again as he entered his bedroom, his hands already clutching the lower edge of his t-shirt. He pulled it over his head, then used the inside to wipe his face before he tossed it aside. She tapped the zoom, two factors, enough to make him her sole focus. His body had become familiar, a human geometry lesson. The lines of his abdomen, the arcs and angles of his chest and shoulders defined his musculature, enhanced by the feature that piqued her interest most of all—his elaborate tattoo.

The first night she truly watched him she had mistaken the artwork for streaks of grime that had seeped under his clothes and stained his skin. She had zoomed in, his outline blurring as the twisting, twining branches of thorny brambles grew sharper. The tattoo began at the top of his feet, reached up to his shoulders and then curved down his arms like an anatomy chart of the circulatory system. But his marks were not so benign. The thorns were wicked, some dripping blood. Ink, she reminded herself. Blood-red ink. Every night she wondered why a man would have himself tattooed with brambles. Every night she wondered if he, like her, was walking wounded.

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