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Cover of the book Hold Me Harder by Renee Dominick

Hold Me Harder

To Have and To Hold, Book 1

When the gulf between her work and private lives became unsettling, corporate executive Natalie Lindgren turned away from her life as a submissive. But her deepest desires can be held in check for only so long. Over the course of one revealing weekend, her old Dom, Javier, and her recent ex, Ryan, will partner up to remind her she really can have it all.

Cover of the book Don't Hold Back by Renee Dominick

Don’t Hold Back

To Have and To Hold, Book 2

Wild-child Jenna McCaffrey always wanted to be the one to make her best friend’s sexy, straight-laced brother, Rob, lose control. She came close once, but breaking through the wall he erected against her afterward has proven impossible. But when they’re stuck together for the weekend, Rob turns that formidable control on her, driving her to heights of pleasure and proving he’s dying to let loose…only for her.

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Portrait of a black-haired woman facing away from the camera, propped face down, supported on her elbows so that only her naked back and the back of her head are visible. She is wearing a strand of white pearls which is draped in a loop across her back, and a strand of black pearls, which sits closer to the back of her neck. Her hips are draped with a black cloth.


A bored bridesmaid spends her time at the wedding day-dreaming about sexy dalliances with other guests and finds herself fixated on one dark and dominant man in particular.

A photo of two formally dressed lovers embracing in the back of a car. Their faces are in shadow. The woman's head is tipped back, and the man is kissing her throat.


Paula is a driver for a private car service in LA. She becomes drawn to one of her return clients—a glamorously sexy and uninhibited couple—only to discover that the intrigue is mutual.

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