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Something New: UNDONE

I do love an erotic short story.

I know, this is not exactly BREAKING NEWS, but finding a reliable place online to read (and publish) sex-positive, women-centered erotica–porn even–is not as matter-of-fact as you might think. Yes, there is erotic content for women online, but a site with free, curated stories and a dedicated editor? That’s something a little different.

When my friend and critique partner, Rachel Woe, told me about Bellesa, I was most definitely intrigued, and since short stories are my first love, I wanted to throw my hat in the ring, too.

That’s how UNDONE came about, but the idea behind the story itself has been brewing in my head for a few years. It may not be obvious in the reading, but UNDONE is very much a companion story to my To Have and To Hold series, featuring a character who is barely a character at all. More of a shadow.

Still, he keeps demanding attention, and since he is a dominant, how can I say no?



I’m solo at a wedding. Not just because I don’t have anyone I cared to bring, but being a bridesmaid means I’m too busy to be a good shepherd.

The upside is I have all evening to let my imagination wander.

I am reputed to be cool, unapproachable. Aloof. Gods, if only the people around me could see how shamelessly I use them in my daydreams. The filth.

I trail through the ballroom, my wine glass held against my lips, a talisman to shield my thoughts from the public. I stop to join conversations, but they are mundane enough to allow room for scenarios to unspool in my mind. Five-second clips of glorious obscenity. This man’s hand splayed over my breast, pressing divots in my flesh. That man bending me over the back of a chair, his fingers discovering that I’ve been fantasizing about him.

The opportunities are endless and distracting. Men in well-fitted suits, men in tuxedos. Hiding so much, and yet so very available for my private story-spinning.

I move on from one group and, in the space of a turn and a step, I feel as though I’ve touched one of those plasma balls, created a lightning bolt inside the orb. Awareness whispers down my spine, making the fine hairs on my nape rise. Someone is not just watching, but studying me. I don’t turn my head to look for the source. Instead, my eyes sweep the room in a slow, wide arc.

When I land on him, there is nothing benign about the pulse of energy he emits. It is electro-magnetic, and I feel it in every cell in my body.


Like it so far? Head on over to Bellesa to read the rest of UNDONE, and be sure to browse through the variety of other stories they have on offer. Afterward, drop back here. I’d love to hear what you think of both UNDONE and Bellesa.

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Happy reading!