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kINKED – “A sexy, steamy anthology that explores the places where kink meets ink. Sure to leave you indelibly marked.”

Including Renee’s story, “Through Glass A Stranger


Her hands trembled as she lifted the binoculars and found him standing there, one palm pressed against the window. He stared across the expanse between them. Seemingly at her.

Blood surged through her veins, spiked like a prom punch, and she fumbled away the binoculars.

She started to reach for them but told herself to let them be. Her habit had become an addiction, one she needed to control. And anyway, he was changing the rules. She snatched up the remote instead, pointed it at her window, and pressed the button. Her blinds lowered with slow, mechanical precision, closing him off from her prying eyes.

And his eyes from her.

Her fingers gripped the arms of her chair and she took a moment to regulate both her breathing and her heartbeat. They had something anonymous and satisfying.

Why was he ruining it now?


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